Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation

All Brands Including Rinnai, Bosch, and Rheem. Mesquite’s Top Plumbers: Berkeys

Is a tankless water heater right for you? That’s a question that only you can answer. The answer is complicated by the fact that the initial cost is several times more expensive than conventional tank storage water heaters.Call the Mesquite plumber that your friends and neighbors throughout the DFW Metroplex trust, Berkeys Plumbing, at 972-737-7174 for a free estimate.

The Good Part About Tankless Water Heaters

Two things make owning a tankless water heater a joy: unlimited amounts of hot water and lower utility bills. Tankless water heaters have a lot of other features that really benefit the homeowner or property manager, but these two are the most prominent.

You save on energy costs because there is no storage tank full of water that has to be reheated all day long until you take a bath or start a load of laundry later that night. Water is heated on demand.

Also, you never run out of hot water. Most units make about 9 gallons of hot water a minute, depending on factors like the initial temperature of the incoming water. That will handle a shower, tub and dishwasher at the same time!

A lot of hotels and industries that require hot water are installing these in series to make as much hot want as they need when they need it.

The Bad Part About Owning Tankless Water Heaters

When you install a tankless water heater in a newly constructed house, you’ll finance it with the house and the cost will be negligible. Retrofitting a hose is much different. Larger gas lines may need to be installed. You may move the tankless water heater to another part of the house, so gas and water lines will need to be rerouted.

The cost of the equipment will be one and a half to two times that of a good energy star rated water heater. But they are projected to last as long as twenty years.

Brands of Tankless Water Heaters

Some of the domestic water heater companies like AO Smith and Rheem make them, but most of the popular brands are imported, like:

  • Rinnai
  • Bosch
  • Navien
  • Noritz