Backflow prevention are not something homeowners know much about. Backflow preventors are typically found in apartment complexes, condominiums, irrigation systems and high rise commercial buildings. They protect your drinking water from pollution and chemical contamination. If your building has a problem, call Berkeys, the BBB top rated Mesquite plumber, at 972-737-7174.

Why You Need a Back Flow Preventer

Backflow results from the drop in pressure in your water line that allows water circulation backward in the line. This could be caused when the city water supply is interrupted by a break in the main, if a nearby fire hydrant is in use, or several people using water in your building all at once. See Wylie TX Plumber.

Backflow Preventers are designed to deal with this issue by preventing water from flowing backwards into the water supply.

Are your water lines being protected? If you don’t have a backflow preventer, the answer is no. But even if you do have one, is it working. Call our Mesquite plumbing team to check yours out. We can then make repairs or replace the valve system and you can sleep well again.